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Use JammText to book more gigs

"JammText was a huge hit at our last gig. The night started slow, but JammText broke the ice. So many pictures were being posted that it drew everyone closer to the screen and straight to the dance floor. The owner of the venue liked it so much, I was able to book more gigs."

Sam "Lady Hurricane"

Hudson Valley, NY

Promote yourself and your sponsors

JammText will show advertisements and other media in rotation with audience messages and pictures. Advertise upcoming events, your venue, and sponsors.

Connect with your audience

"Using JammText really got my crowd engaged. I got over 300 messages in one night, mostly picture texts! JammText gives me another way to connect with my audience."

VJ Chris Landry

WMC 2016 VJ Battle Champ

Win over brides and grooms

Winning gigs over your competition is tough. Most brides and grooms haven’t seen you perform. So how can you hook them? JammText is a solution. At your next bridal expo, use the TV screens you already have to show an interesting and engaging display...

Texting boosts interaction vs social media walls

Texting is still bigger than social media. Use JammText so you do not miss out on either. From our experience, you should see up to 10 times as many SMS/MMS messages as social media...

Keep in touch with your audience

JammText compiles contact info of everyone who sends a message. Thank them for coming to your event and let them know of upcoming events.

Display full screen or banner overlay

Use as a standalone or in conjunction with video DJ or karaoke software. JammText will automatically switch between a full screen and a lower third display based on whether you are playing a video. Works with Mixemergency, Virtual DJ, Serato Video, and others.

Easy to use with DJ software

The JammText control window integrates seamlessly with any DJ software app, so that you can focus on mixing, not on JammText. Approve messages when you have a quick second, then go back to spinning.

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Getting Started

Creating Montages

Filtering Messages

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Plans & Pricing

Base Pro Corporate
Message/picture to screen
Communicate with audience
Video detection
DJ software integration
Compiles contact info
Auto & Manual Filtering
Twitter & Instagram
(US & Canada only)
Branding Custom Ads Full Custom Branding Full Custom Branding
Social media msgs / month 4,000 12,000 40,000+
SMS/MMS msgs / month 1,000 3,000 10,000+
Media storage 1GB 3GB 10GB+
Monthly Price
(No Long-term Obligation)
$19.99 $49.99 Contact
for Info
Free Trial 1 Month FREE 1 Month FREE
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