How to make your Technics 1200 turntables weigh less so they are easier to transport

February 5, 2020

In this tutorial we are going to make our Technics 1200 turntable lighter by removing a piece that’s no longer needed. This piece was originally added to the Technics 1200 to help isolate the turntable against vibration when playing real vinyl in loud rooms. When playing DVS software like Serato or Virtual DJ, the audio no longer comes directly from the vinyl. This eliminates the possibility of having a feedback loop. This means that this isolation piece is no longer needed, and without it, your Technics 1200 is now 6 pounds lighter.

KueIt 3.0.1 available now

December 19, 2019

kueit 3.0.1 update

We are pleased to release version 3.0.1 of KueIt. This version includes support for the new macOS Catalina, along with improved MIDI support, bug fixes and optimizations. We recommend all KueIt 3 users to download this update. KueIt 2 users will need to purchase an upgrade license.

Download KueIt 3.0.1

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KueIt 3 – Redefining What A Sampler Is

May 21, 2019

kueit software

The ultimate real-time audio playback software uniquely designed for your sound effects, audio drops & jingles. Access 310 audio clips for instant simultaneous playback at the touch of your fingertips. It’s as easy as a simple key press or the click of your mouse. Or use a MIDI device to control KueIt. Create and store your own library of audio clips for use in playback. Check out our latest KueIt features:


Useful Promotional DJ Merchandise Ideas

shirts and hats

Events come and go. Such is your life as a DJ, and such is the life of event attendees. You will undoubtedly make some serious impressions with your set and stage show. So what happens after the party? Hopefully there will be social connections and more fans made. But giving away memorable DJ merchandise can help keep your brand and namesake visible to your audience. Here are a few we think your new fans will appreciate. (more…)

JammText 1.3 is out! New email to screen and QR code feature

December 11, 2018

We are pleased to release version 1.3 of JammText. Aside from bug fixes and optimizations, this version includes:


Expand Your Wedding DJ Services

October 25, 2018

wedding dj

Wedding DJ services have been in steady demand for decades. They’re the lifeline of the wedding reception. And, they’re one of the key sources of celebration memories for a couple’s special day. Providing musical entertainment is a core service to offer, but you can expand your business by offering other necessary services that won’t take up too much more of your time or money. (more…)

KueIt T-Shirts now available

October 24, 2018

kueit t-shirt

We have now added our KueIt shirt to our collection on the Skratch Ink apparel store. Different colors and sizes available. Click the button below to purchase this shirt or browse through our other designs.
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JammText T-Shirts Now Available

September 27, 2018

red jammtext t-shirt

Check out our latest addition to the Skratch Ink apparel store… our JammText T-shirt. Different colors and sizes available. Click the button below to purchase this shirt or browse through our other designs
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Use JammText for Client Brand Positioning

#yourbrand on luggage tag

JammText is the premier software program that allows you the advantage of real-time interaction over DJs who only utilize audio for their services. It’s a great way to market yourself and your brand. It is also a very resourceful tool for your professional business clients. Instead of only marketing yourself, reap greater rewards by using JammText to strongly promote your client’s brand. (more…)

Should You Diversify or Focus on One Type of DJing?

September 21, 2018

Types of DJing

As a DJ one of the most important things you have to ask yourself is “do I stick to one
type of gig / event or do I branch out and do as many types as possible?” While there are pros and cons to both, there are many factors to consider before deciding on any option like this. (more…)

JammText interactive software

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JammText interactive software

Learn More Get JammText Today

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Mixcity Inc was founded in 2008 with the mission of creating innovative software solutions and engagement tools for the working DJ. The team's first DJ product, KueIt, was groundbreaking when it was introduced years ago, and still remains an industry standard software solution to this day. Mixcity's latest innovation, JammText, is a revolutionary text to screen software solution that allows DJs to reach exciting new levels of crowd interaction and audience engagement.